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2 Stage HMA Water Purifier & De-chlorinator Heavy Metal Reduction System



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2 Stage Jumbo Big Blue BB20 HMA Whole House Water Filter + Cartridges


2 Stage Jumbo Big Blue BB20 HMA Whole House Water Filter + Cartridges


Imagine you can use filtered water not only for drinking but also for bathing, showering, brushing your teeth and washing your clothes.
This system is ideal for houses and apartments- up to 6 people.

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2 Stage Big Blue BB20 HMA Whole House
Complete Water Filter with Cartridges


2 Stage BB20 Whole House Water Filter

This system has been designed to fit on water mains pipe – it comes with 1” NPT threads on either side.
Any plumber will be able to install it for you!

Thanks to our filter, water in your home will have better taste, no smell and it still will have all the minerals naturally found in the water – all without adding any chemicals.

It will provide you with benefits:

  • Chloramine reduction
  • Heavy metals reduction
  • Protect home appliances
  • Quality drinking water
  • Healthier pets and plants
  • Chlorine and odour free showers
  • Low maintenance system
  • Easy to install- no electricity, no drain required. This is a complete system – comes with housings, cartridges, mounting brackets and spanner.

Cartridges life time: 6 months depending on water condition

This system is ideal for large houses and apartments.

The filter can be used with a variety of 4.5″x 20″ filter cartridges.

The Big Blue filter housings are blue in colour, which protect the filter elements against the growth of algae if the system is installed in a sunny place.

Working pressure: 2.8 – 8.6 bar
Working temperature: 2- 45°C

Filtration stages: 2

Cartridges included:

Stage 1:

Sediment Filter Cartridge

They are mainly used at the initial filtration stage, polypropylene foam filter cartridge removes sand, rust, silt and other sediments up to 5 Micron.
They are resistant to chemicals and purify water for drinking and general purposes.

Stage 2:

Activated Carbon Block Cartridge

The cartridges are made of pressed activated carbon. In comparison to other carbon filters, the sintered block has a significantly higher effectiveness (up to 25%). They filter mechanical pollution bigger than 3 µm and purify surface water perfectly.
This cartridge removes chlorine, dissolved organics, and heavy metals and improves the taste and odour of filtered water.

BB10″ housings are sealed with a double O-ring

Custom configuration of cartridges is possible, for example, instead of softening cartridges.

We recommend that the installation should be done by a plumber or a person experienced in DIY.

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